Our first project, the summer school for children in challenging neighbourhoods of Rotterdam, started in 2014. This was such a big success, that we decided to expand our offer. At this moment, we work with various target groups. Our six programs enlarge the world of children.

Summer school

You can find us at the Rotterdamsche Manège for a week during the summer holiday. Every day, we go out with a group of vulnerable kids or kids who grow up in challenging neighbourhoods in the South of Rotterdam. Most of these kids do not leave their house or neighbourhood very often. Our various activities help to give them a summer filled with joy and freedom!

After school

This is a development program for primary school pupils in the South of Rotterdam. Throughout the school year, these children visit companies, authorities, and institutions once a week to broaden their horizons. They gain knowledge and skills to be able to make the right choices for their future at a later stage.


Unfortunately, many children in Rotterdam do not exercise enough, while sports can be so much fun. The Work like a Horse Course is a challenging obstacle course with competition elements and where agility is tested. This course is, for example, used during gymnastic lessons for primary school pupils.

Summer school De Maas

During the summer holidays, trips are often made, large and small. However, this does not apply to everyone. Children who are in crisis care or who receive outpatient youth care are often busy with completely different things. Work like a Horse takes these children to Rowing and Sailing Association De Maas for a day to give them a relaxing holiday by the water.

Hoge veluwe

The summer should be a carefree time full of freedom for children. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case for everyone. For example children in crisis care or children who receive ambulatory youth care. Work like a Horse gives these kids a relaxed and fun day at the Hoge Veluwe.

Work like a Horse - Special education

Special education

Throughout the school year, children with multiple disabilities take part in weekly therapeutic horse-riding lessons. The results are very special. With this program, we contribute to the personal development of these kids.

Work like a Horse - Scientific research

Scientific research

A lot of children take part in our programs. Behind the scenes, research is done to improve our programs and gain insight into the results of what we do. Besides that, we stimulate more scientific research on the effects of therapy with horses.