After school

Many children that grow up in challenging neighbourhoods live in a rather small world. With our program Work like a Horse After School, we want to change that and enlarge their worlds. The program focusses on children in the7th grade at schools in challenging neighbourhoods of Rotterdam-South. We started with one group but nowadays we take four groups with children to various companies, governments and organizations.


Work like a Horse started with the after-school program in the school year 2016/2017 with one group of children. One year later, two schools participated with a group of 12 children in the program. In 2018 we welcomed three groups and in school-year 2020-2021 we work with four groups every week! During every school week, we organise after- school activities on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.


Throughout the year, we visit companies, governments and organizations with the children. In 38 weeks we enlarge their worlds and let them discover their own place in it. Besides increasing their knowledge of the world around them, we also work on their language development, self-confidence, presentation techniques and some socio-emotional skills. With this program, we encourage the children to make the right study choices, reduce the risk of early school leaving and increase the chances of finding a job. Because if you work like a horse, you can accomplish a lot!


Work like a Horse After School is an active and educational program which is divided into several modules like Care&Food, Technique, Collaboration, Art & Culture, Environment, Science and Sports. In every module, we also focus on career orientation and attention training. The parents of the children are also involved in the project and are allowed to attend some lessons. There are no costs for participating schools and children.

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